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June 14 - 25, 2010

The cost is still only $10 per student.  Practice times will run from 8:30 - 2:30 daily at the Clearfield Area Middle School.

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The Clearfield Middle School Music Department offers Band, Orchestra and Chorus to students in Grades 5 through 8.  Music lessons are given during the school day.  It is the student's responsibility to make-up any class work missed while at lessons.  Music courses offered include:

  Instrumental Music/Violin/Level 1  Woodwinds (I) - Grade 6
 Instrumental Music/Violin/Level 2  General Music - Grade 7
 Beginning Instrumental Lessons  Percussion (II) - Grade 7
 Beg. Instrumental Lessons (Brass)  Strings (II) - Grade 7
 Chorus - Grade 5  Brass/Woodwinds (II) - Grade 7
 Instrumental Ensemble - Grade 5  General Music - Grade 8
 General Music - Grade 6  Percussion (III) - Grade 8
 Band - Grade 6  Strings (III) - Grade 8
 Chorus - Grade 6  Brass/Woodwinds (III) - Grade 8
 Percussion - Grade 6  Band - Grades 7, 8
 Strings (I) - Grade 6  Orchestra - Grades 6, 7, 8
 Brass (I) - Grade 6  Mixed Chorus - Grades 7, 8

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Grade 8 General Music students at the Clearfield Middle School are using cutting-edge interactive technology during their music classes.  Several years ago a music lab was installed in Mrs. Cindy Collins' classroom; this lab now contains sixteen (16) high-tech music stations, in addition to the traditional piano and guitars.
SchoolCenter PictureEach music station consists of a computer, an electronic keyboard, musical programs and a set of headphones.  Now in its sixth year, the computerized music lab accommodates 30 students at a time, who enthusiastically practice exercises on the computers and then apply their learning immediately to keyboards.  Even novice musicians can use the computer software to write and play their own compositions.  Since everything is done through the headsets and speakers, students can work without disturbing others or making mistakes classmates can hear.  From the teacher station, the teacher can listen to and interact with each student privately, offering encouragement or setting up duets.  The course offers interactive lessons with concepts, strategies and goals that are clearly defined, well organized and appropriately paced for general music students.  Every activity introduces or reinforces a basic concept of music or music technology.

The Music Department at Clearfield Middle School is breaking new ground with this interactive lab and the students are embracing this fascinating method of instruction with enthusiasm! Clearfield is also making history as this is the first operational interactive music lab of any school district within a large area. "This technology makes learning fun, and gives kids the incentive to continue with music," says Mrs. Collins.  And what do the students say?  "Fun!"  "Totally awesome!"  "We are so lucky to have these!"  Mrs. Collins says such positive reviews are music to anyone's ears.

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