These elements are utilized in all grade levels.


  The gradual release of responsibility model of

   “I do”, “We do” and “You do” is incorporated in these




Ohio State Framework Reading Explanations


 Read AloudsThe teacher reads aloud to the whole class or small groups.  A carefully selected body of children’s literature is used; the collection contains a variety of genres and represents our diverse society.


Shared Reading – Using an enlarged text that all children can see, the teacher involves children in reading together following a pointer.


Guided Reading – The teacher works with a small group who have similar reading processes.  The teacher selects and introduces new books and supports children reading the whole text to themselves, making teaching points during and after the reading.


Independent Reading – Children read on their own or with partners from a wide range of materials.  Some reading is from a special collection at their reading level.


Ohio State Framework Writing Explanations


Modeled WritingThe teacher is doing the writing in front of the students.  The teacher uses think alouds for writing.  The teacher is sharing strategies for effective writing.


Shared Writing -  The teacher and children work together to compose messages and stories; the teacher supports the process as a scribe.


Interactive Writing – As in shared writing, teacher and children compose messages and stories that are written using a “shared pen” technique that involves children in the writing process.


Independent Writing – Children write their own pieces, including (in addition to stories and informational pieces) retellings, labeling, speech balloons, lists, etc.