Important School Notices

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

RE: Switch to Virtual at the Jr/Sr High School


               Several factors will be creating a need to change our academic delivery model to virtual starting tomorrow. The first impact is the onset of our first winter storm that at this time appears that it might create an impact on in person schooling tomorrow and Thursday. The second impact is from an additional positive COVID 19 case at the Jr/Sr High School that was identified this morning. As always if you or your child was a contact you will have been notified by the school directly about your status as a close contact.

               As a result the Jr/Sr High School will make a switch to virtual starting tomorrow, Wednesday, December 16th and we will remain virtual through the Holiday Break. At this time we are planning to return to school on Monday, January 4th with our Group A students. This will be dependent on the impacts of COVID and how it is impacting our schools at that time.

               Additional items:

  1. The Library will be available at the Jr/Sr High School for students who may need it
  2. Lunches will be available to pick up from the rear of the Jr/Sr High School from Friday, December 18th through Wednesday, December 23rd  from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. Lunches are available for all students and children of the District.  

Wednesday, December 16th until noon and from Friday, December 18th through Wednesday, December 23rd during regular school hours.

RE: Elementary Schedule Change


               As we are sure many of you are aware, we are forecasted for a major snow event starting Wednesday afternoon through until Thursday morning.  The current timelines could create complications for getting students home on Wednesday and to school on Thursday. We have decided to use this weather challenge to prepare for what may need to become virtual days in the future. As of today our COVID count for our rolling 14 day average at the elementary school is at zero, but we know a number of you are dealing with it first hand and that at some point we may need to be virtual at school. 

So please see our plans below:

  1. Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 16th will be a staff only day to do final preparations for being virtual. Students will not be in attendance.
  2. Thursday, December 17th will be a “Practice Virtual Day”. We will ask all students who are capable to participate in our first virtual day. Teachers will be sending out information to their classes tomorrow as to what expect on Thursday. Students will be working remotely from home for this virtual format. This is intended to help us learn what works and what doesn’t work so well. 
  3. School will resume on Friday, December 18th. It is a scheduled B day. The students are expected to be in school through Wednesday, December 23rd.  This will give each group, A and B, two days to complete work before the Christmas break and any planned Holiday activities accordingly.
  4. School is then scheduled to return on Monday, January 4th. We will start the return to school with Group A on that day.
  5. The PTO fundraiser is still scheduled to be picked up Thursday from 4 – 7 pm. 

I would encourage you to please contact your school office with additional questions.


Terry W. Struble, Superintendent