Dual Enrollment classes are available through Pennsylvania Highlands Community College and Mount Aloysius College.  The Pennsylvania Highlands courses are able to be enrolled by semester if they are semester courses and in the beginning of the year for year long classes.  PLEASE NOTE:  Intermediate and College Algebra are one year long class here at Clearfield Area Junior Senior High School, but 2 courses through PA Highlands, so a student will need to enroll in both courses- Intermediate Algebra in September and College Algebra in January. The link to Pennsylvania Highlands is:




CHS class Mount # Credits Price (2020-2021)
Drawing/Painting AR281- Special Topics art 3 $180
Psychology PS 101 – General Psych 3 $180
Sociology SO 101 – Intro to Soc 3 $180
Spanish II SN 101- Elem Spanish I 3 $180
Spanish III SN102 – Elem Spanish II 3 $180
Intro to Music MUSC 105- Survey of Music  3 $180
English Comp EN110 – Rhetoric I 3 $180
Public Speaking COMM 260- Public Speak 3 $180
College Algebra Math 112 – College Algebra 3 $180
English IV AP EN111- Rhetoric II 3 $180
Statistics AP MATH 220 – Statistics 3 $180
Western Civilization HS101-World Civ to 1500 3 $180
Advanced Chem Chem 100 4 $240
Anatomy BL201- Biology 4 $240
Physics PHYS 105- Physics I 4 $240

Applying to Mount Aloysius is done through this site: https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/890464/LINKS_TO_DUAL_ENROLL_CLASSES_THROUGH_MOUNT_ALOYSIUS.__.pdf

PITT-BRADFORD Remaining the Same

CHS Class Section Pitt-Bradford class Credits Price
Environmental Science ES0110 Intro to Env Science 3 $125
US Govt & Politics PS0102 American Pol Proc 3 $125

*Only Junior and Senior students may take Pitt-Bradford classes without prior approval by the school and Pitt Bradford

Applying to Pitt Bradford is done via a paper form. These are given out by the teachers.


CHS Class PA Highlands # Credits Price
Exercise Phys Lif 111 3 $189
MicroComputer Aps CIT 100 3 $189
Construction Math MAT115 3 $189
PreCalculus MAT 170 3 $189
Calculus MAT 210 4 $252

Applying to PA Highlands is done via their website. You must register as a student first, and once you do that, you will receive via email a user name and password. After you receive these, you can log back on and register for your class. The ACE Hotline number for help with registration is 814-262-6444.

August 2020