What are the expectations of my student during a temporary shutdown?

The virtual shutdown plan was sent to students via teams and discussed in classrooms, so all students would understand what is expected of them during a shutdown.

All students have a fully, functional laptop and have been accessing the following components of Microsoft Teams since the beginning of school:

  • finding and submitting assignments
  • using the chat feature to contact their teacher
  • know how to access online textbooks
  • know how to find other necessary course materials their teachers’ utilize
  • know how to join a Team Meeting with their teacher or counselor

Day one, Tuesday, November 17th of a shutdown has been identified as a planning day for teachers.

On Wednesday, November 18th to Wednesday, November 25th all students will log into their classes via Microsoft Teams. We are not doing A and B days during this shutdown.

Classes will meet at the normal time they would if students were in the building, according to the bell schedule.

Here is the bell schedule: https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws...

Students are required to log into your Class on Teams. Find the Scheduled Team Meeting and “Join the meeting”. For example, Log into English I, Period 1 Team page>Join the Team Meeting by 7:44 which is the start of 1st period and so on.

At the beginning of class: Students will log in with “video on” for teachers to greet students and account for attendance. Once attendance is taken. Students should turn off their video and mute themselves. (Some junior high students may not have cameras on their laptops. Not to worry teachers will see their name on the screen instead)

Teachers will be conducting live class sessions. Students are required to complete the daily activities for each class period. Complete/Upload assignments/activities by their teacher’s established due date/time similar to how their split virtual days are now. Students should provide evidence of engagement on a daily basis.

Studyhalls will not meet during a shutdown.

As students have been doing since the beginning of school, contact your teacher with any difficulties or questions via Microsoft Teams chat, Remind, or email.

** If students DO NOT have internet at home. Teachers have developed lists of students that do not have internet at home. This was developed based on conversations with students and virtual work completion on odd days. Those students that do not have internet will have packet work sent to them via mail, unless other arrangements were suggested by the teacher. Packets will only be sent if there is NO internet at the home. Work should be returned when students come back to school on December 2nd.

How parents can help student(s) during a temporary Shutdown

  • Make sure your student(s) is up, dressed appropriately, and online for the start of their classes. 
  • Provide a quiet place for learning and support your student(s) engagement.
  • Review with your student(s) items posted in Teams by their teacher, speak with your student(s) about information shared during their virtual day, and participate in ongoing communication with your students teachers.
  • Download the Remind app. Log into Remind app to access information from the district and your student’s classroom teachers. The Junior-Senior High School also has a remind account text: 81010 message: @cajhs to receive updates and info.
  • If your child becomes ill or has symptoms due to Covid please email the School Nurse at chinchliffe@clearfield.org
  • Log into the parent portal via Sapphire to check student grades and progress. If you do not here is a link to information https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/877994/Sapphire_Directions.pdf
  • If your child has a problem accessing virtual instruction please contact the teacher or their school counselors to assist. Grades 7-8 Mr. Mikesell at jmikesell@clearfield.org; Grades 9-10 Mrs. Fletcher at lfletcher@clearfield.org, and Grades 11-12 Dr. Spaid at sspaid@clearfield.org
  • The office will be open from 8-3 during the temporary shutdown.

To help support your student here is an Office 365 Guidance for parents and guardians:

Article for Parents regarding the use of Office 365 and Teams with their Students https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/distance-learning-with-office-365-guidance-for-parents-and-guardians-89d514f9-bf5e-4374-a731-a75d38ddd588