Senior High Locker Pick Up

Senior High Locker Pick Up and Material Return     

(Elementary school pick up procedures are being finalized and will be posted next week)      

Monday, April 27th from 8 am to 3 pm

The Jr/Sr High will be open on Monday April 27th for students to retrieve items from their lockers and the school. At this time there will also be tables set up for the return of any materials not being used by the students. This could include library books, sports uniforms, calculators, textbooks, or other items that would normally be returned to the school. Please return items labeled with the student’s name, grade and teacher/coach’s name so that items can be accounted for correctly.

Return dates will also be established for students closer to the end of the school year and graduation. Please do not return something that you should still be using until the end of the year. At that time there will also be a process for seniors to return their laptops and for students who borrowed equipment.

If there are unique items that need picked up from classrooms, school staff will open those rooms for you.

The amount of students admitted to the school at one time will be monitored to help practice social distancing. Students will need to be wearing face masks for each other’s well-being. Social distancing norms are to be followed.

All entrance and exit to the school will be through the main lobby of the school.

We have established the following guidelines to help minimize how many students are on campus.

Last Names                         Available Times

A to C                                    8-9 am

D to G                                   9-10 am

H to K                                    10-11 am

L to O                                    11 am - 12 pm

P to R                                    12-1 pm

S to V                                    1-2 pm

W to Z                                   2-3 pm

Please contact the school principals with individual questions.