District Wide Change to Virtual

Clearfield Area School District

Tuesday, March 23, 2021  

RE: Rolling 14 Day Count Impacts Both Buildings  

Dear Clearfield Families,

                When we left school on Friday we were fortunate to have a single case impacting our rolling 14 day counts across the entire district.

                At the Jr/Sr High School this changed and by the end of the school day on Monday we had three confirmed cases that impacted our rolling 14 day count. Additional cases were reported Monday evening. The elementary school likewise met the threshold and then was exceeded with an additional case reported overnight. In addition each building has additional people tested and awaiting results.

                As a result both of our schools have exceeded the rolling 14 day count, which requires a minimum three day closure. While in the past we have been fortunate to structure these around a weekend or a snowfall, the sudden rise in cases does not allow this to happen. This has created the necessity of switching to our virtual format for the remainder of the week. School will be virtual on Wednesday, March 24th through Friday, March 26th. During this time there will be no before or after school activities.

                The grab and go breakfast and lunches will be available at the Jr/Sr High school for pick up on all three days from 11:30 to 12:30 near the entrance to the Bison Gym at the rear of the building. These are available for any child in the family.

                Our thoughts and concerns are with all currently being impacted by this recent increase in COVID cases in our areas.   



Terry W. Struble, Superintendent