Summer Academy Opportunities

CASD is proud to announce we will be offering summer academy camps for our current Kindergarten through 11th Grade students this summer.  The camps are FREE for our students and last anywhere from one day to two weeks.

The purpose of the camps is to provide students with summer learning opportunities in a fun, safe, hands-on environment.

The camps will run between Monday, June 14 and Friday, July 2.  Students can sign up for more than one camp.  Spaces are limited and will be assigned on a first come/first serve basis.

If your child is interested in attending please email or call (  or 765-5511 ext. 6011) and be sure to include the following information:  Child’s name, grade student will be entering in the fall, parent’s name, a working phone # and email (so we can let you know if the academy will run and if your child registered in time to get a spot in it), and title of the camps your child would like to attend.

Registration for Board? Let’s Play a Game will close Thursday, June 10.  All other registrations will close Tuesday, June 15.

 Transportation WILL NOT be provided.  All students will need to be dropped off and picked up in the front of the school.  At the elementary school, teachers will be there to meet the students and will also take them out at the end of the session.

CAMP: Story Time/Author Study: Learn about the author Eric Carle and his works while listening to stories, looking at books and doing activities.

GRADES: incoming 1st and 2nd graders

INSTRUCTOR:  Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Shobert

DATE:  Tuesday, June 29

TIME:  9:30-11:00

LOCATION:  CAE library

CAMP: ESCAPE THE ISLAND: Learn survival skills and work on STEM activities through reading!

GRADES: incoming 5th -7th graders

INSTRUCTOR:  Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Shobert

DATE:  Wednesday, June 23

TIME:  9:00-11:30

LOCATION:  CAE library

CAMP: FLYING MACHINE ENGINEER: participate in STEM projects and learn about growth mindset through reading!

GRADES:  incoming 3rd and 4th graders

INSTRUCTOR: Mrs. Shobert and Mrs. Clark

DATE:  Thursday, June 24

TIME:  9:30-11:00

LOCATION:  CAE library

CAMP: LEGOS IN MOTION: learn about motion using LEGOS, while focusing on STEM problem solving.

GRADES:  incoming 2nd - 4th graders


DATE:  Tuesday – Thursday, June 22-24

TIME:  9:30-11:00


CAMP: SUSTAINABILITY: this is your chance to learn about sustainability in your everyday life and how to reduce waste

GRADES:  incoming 4th-12th graders

INSTRUCTOR: Mrs. Adamson

DATE:  Tuesday, June 29

TIME:  9:30-11:00


CAMP: Once Upon a STEM: work on fun, hands-on STEM activities through fairy tales.

GRADES:  incoming K – 2nd   graders

 INSTRUCTOR: Mrs. Hoover and Mrs. Amy Collins

DATE:  June 28- July 2

TIME:  9:00-11:00


CAMP: BOARD? LET’S PLAY A GAME: this is your opportunity to create your own board game to play on those rainy summer days.

GRADES:  incoming 6th- 9th graders


DATE:  June 14-16

TIME:  9:00-11:00


CAMP: BREAK A LEG:  this camp is an intro to acting.  Learn about acting methods and theories, stagecraft, auditioning and much more!

GRADES:  incoming 9th -12th graders


DATE:  June 28- July 2

TIME:  9:00-11:00

LOCATION:  CJSHS auditorium